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 P O W E R E D   B Y 

Are you looking to execute a creative project? Congratulations, you just found the plug! Book a custom project and we'll work with you to create a product that's specifically tailored to your needs.


Here's how it works


1. We evaluate your specific project request

2. We piece together your project using our team of photographers, videographers, creative directors, and producers

3. Once we've outlined a project that you love, you show up and shoot!

From music videos to behind the scenes event coverage, the possibilities are endless! here are a couple examples...

m O D E L


Diversity portfolio

Strengthen social media image


-Portfolio and feed evaluation

-Tailored content mix w/concepts

-Production plan

-On-set coaching

r A P P E R


Mixtape drop


-Music video w/model casting


-Music promo content

-Production plan

-On-set coaching

P R O J E C T S :

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